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Essays and Manuals

Essays and Articles

Time for spart: sport + art by Scott Rankin (from Griffith Review 53: Tasmania – Our Sporting Life)

Tasmanian Utopias by Scott Rankin (from Griffith Review 39: Tasmania – The Tipping Point)

Soggy Biscuit by Scott Rankin (Griffith Review 44: Cultural Solutions)

Ngapartji Ngapartji: Indigenous language in the arts by Beth Sometimes and Alex Kelly (from the book Reawakening Languages)

 Big hART Manuals

These manuals were produced by Big hART in 1996. We have been meaning to update them for a long time and sometimes think they might be outdated, but a lot of people ask after them so we wanted to make them available for people to download and use.

Book 1 – A Big Idea

Book 2 – Experimenting 1

Book 3 – Experimenting 2

Book 4 – Workshop Games

Book 5 – Workshop Physical 1

Book 6 – Workshop Writing

Book 7 – Workshop Physical 2