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Acoustic Life of Sheds

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Acoustic Life of Sheds, NW Tasmania

The nature of rural life is changing. Much of the cultural life of the past is being lost as small farms come under pressure from shifting markets and expanding agribusiness.

Over the past 30 years the median age of farmers has increased from 44 to 53 years. Today almost a quarter of all Australia’s farmers are aged 65 or over. Farms are still dotted with handmade sheds – some tin, some slab built in timber. Acoustic Life of Sheds also celebrates the resilience of rural communities and their creative response to change by reflecting on traditional, niche and artisan produce. Composers, sound designers and artists capture the stories of the farming families, document the sheds, and create an audio world that encourages a wider appreciation of both.

Acoustic Life of Sheds’ premiere event took place across 5 locations in Tasmania – from Wynyard to Milabena via Table Cape and Boat Harbour –  as part of the 2015 Tasmanian International Arts Festival.

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