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Blue Angel

Image by Brett Boardman featuring Sea Cook Terry Relf.

Blue Angel

“Out in the blue, without your mates, y’ dead”
Joe Miller, Retired Australian seafarer, 102 years old.

Ninety percent of everything we use comes to us with the help of over a million seafarers working around the globe and around the clock in harsh conditions. Big hART has been importing and exporting tales tall and true from port cities in this global collaborative project, where art is the cargo and the heart is filled with the desire for “Fair and Ethical Shipping”.

 “A ship needs a crew, a great ship needs a happy crew, a great company needs great ships” – A shipowner, Melbourne, Australia.

Blue Angel explores the experiences of real seafarers – ordinary people whose lives are some of the most extraordinary; filled with tales of adventure, solidarity, danger, love, loneliness, laughter, sex, death, and the urgency of contemporary experiences of exploitation.

Big hART leads a collaboration with maritime communities and artists from major port cities including Rotterdam, Hamburg, Shanghai, and Manila. Combining a long-term community cultural engagement process, an International touring multi-art work and a global awareness campaign. The multi-art engaged performance work Blue Angel premiered as the Tasmanian International Arts Festival in 2015, and will present in major Australian and international arts festivals in 2016 and beyond.

Blue Angel is always looking to engage with workers of the sea. We are particularly keen to find those who will share their stories as female seafarers, international seafarers, and wives and families. We are always searching out ephemera and for those with skills in marine crafts.

For more information on the project, or to share your story and skills with us contact: / 0400 870 704

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 “The whole world is out there, it’s not just the next cape or the next headland, the entire world is available to you if you’re in a position to take it.” Captain Sarah Parry, The Windeward Bound

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