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Project O

Project O assists young women in rural communities to develop strong personal agency to help prevent family violence and build resilience. Through Project O, young women develop new capabilities, learning how to become change-makers in their community. This sense of personal agency assists young women to be resilient in the face of stereotypes and inequalities that place them at risk, in a society where violence in relationships is common.

Young women in rural communities often experience limiting choices made for and around them. This needs to change. Project O works with groups of 20 young women each year to increase the capability and capacity of this peer group.The project aims to create a cultural shift, to help prevent family violence in communities the Commonwealth Government designates as hotspots.

The ‘O’ stands for Ophelia – from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Of the 30,000 words in the play, Ophelia is given less than a thousand, yet we remember her as an iconic figure. Her struggles are similar to many young women. Significant men in her life – her brother, her lover and her father – each use or control her, robbing her agency, leading to her death. Rewriting Ophelia’s narrative is a touchstone for this project.

Project O is being piloted in rural North West Tasmania. Big hART is renowned for its violence prevention work in disadvantaged communities.

The project’s first event, organised by participants, is a 24 hour Colourathon on May 20, 2016, in Wynyard, Tasmania. Through this event Project O will be raising funds for local women’s shelters.

For more information please contact Lix Walker, Producer / 0409 619 552

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