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Yijala Yala Project

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Yijala Yala Project - Roebourne, Western Australia

The Yijala Yala Project is a long-term, inter-generational cultural arts project based in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The project is created by Big hART for and with the community of Roebourne.

The Yijala Yala Project seeks to highlight cultural heritage as living, continually evolving and in the here and now, rather than of the past, and works with community members to create content and develop skills that assist in communicating their cultural heritage to a wide audience. The name Yijala Yala was chosen to reflect the focus of the project: Yijala means ‘now’ in Ngarluma; Yala means ‘now’ in Yindjibarndi – the two dominant Aboriginal languages spoken in Ieramagadu (Roebourne).

Since late 2010, Yijala Yala Project artists have run workshops and developed a vast variety of works with the Roebourne community, relating to music, dance, theatre, digital media and more.


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